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Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd (Former Name Ruixing Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd) is established at year of 1985, main product is side sealing plastic bag making machine. With the expansion of production scale, in 2003, we rebuilt ourself as Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, China, while mainly trades in side sealing plastic bag making machine, we self-developed our new line of product, paper bag making machine.
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This machine is designed to manufacturer sharp bottom paper bag from paper roll,it is suitable for kraft paper, ribbed kraft paper, grease-proof paper, coated paper, medico paper & etc. By implementing steps including roll feeding, side gluing, perforating, tube forming, tube cutting off, bottom folding and gluing,finished bag collecting within a fully automatic process, can effectively save labor costs.It has advantage of easy operation, high efficiency, more steady, it is an ideal machine for make different kind of paper bag, snack paper bag, food paper bag, bread paper bag, dry fruit paper bag and eco-friendly paper bag.
1.Machine use French Schneider touch screen human-computer interface, operation and control easily. 2.Adopt UK TRIO PC micro-computer control system,integrated with optical fiber, ensure high speed running steadily. 3.Adopt Japanese Yaskawa Servo Control System and German SICK photocell for rectify, tracking printed bag accurately. 4.Raw material loading adopt pneumatic cylinder up and down structure, unwinding adopt automatic tension control. 5.Raw material unwinding EPC is from ZXTEC,China, reduce adjustment time.



Window Bag


Machine Speed


Paper Thickness Range

35-80 gsm

Bag Making Length

100-450 mm

Bag Making Width

70-250 mm

Bag Mouth Height


Power Supply

380V (3 phase/50Hz)

Total Power

23 kw

Machine Weight

4943 kg

Overall Dimension (L*W*H)


Parts List
1 Name Origin QTY
2 Touch Screen Schneider, France 1 pcs
3 PC TRIO,UK 1 pcs
4 Servo System Yaskawa,Japan 3 set
5 Main Motor HOUSIN, Taiwan 2 pcs
6 Frequency Converter ABB, Switzerland 2 pcs
7 Photocell SICK, Germany 1 pcs
8 Bottom Folding Sensor SICK, Germany 1 pcs
9 EPC ZXTEC, China 1 set
10 Low Voltage Apparatus Schneider, France 1 set
11 Paper Bag Tube Forming Mould Self-made by Ruizhi 3 set