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Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd (Former Name Ruixing Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd) is established at year of 1985, main product is side sealing plastic bag making machine. With the expansion of production scale, in 2003, we rebuilt ourself as Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, China, while mainly trades in side sealing plastic bag making machine, we self-developed our new line of product, paper bag making machine.
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RZFD series roll feeding square bottom paper bag making machine, it uses paper roll in blank or printed as raw material. By implementing steps including roll feeding, side gluing, tube forming, cutting, bottom impressing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product collecting within a fully automatic process.High speed PC control, touch screen display, servo control bag making length, it can produce square bottom paper bag with variety of sizes, and create greater value for customers.
1.Machine use Germany Rexroth touch screen display,operation clear and easy,can be easily used for correcting or fine-tuning,friendly man-machine interface. 2.Adopt Germany Rexroth Servo System and Germany SICK photocell for rectify, tracking printed bag accurately, reduce adjustment time, increase production efficiency. 3.Machine have fault diagnosis and display function,it has a detector to avoid damaging the machine because of paper jam. 4.German Rexroth PC micro-computer control,through integration of optical fiber,reach high speed and precision. 5.Adopt Italian Selectra edge position correction system,decrease paper waste,improve working efficiency. 6.Machine unwinding have automatic material loading function by using lifting motor,save paper roll changing time.
Model 450 330
Machine Speed 160 pcs/min 160 pcs/min
Paper Bag Width 260-450mm 120-330 mm
Paper Bag Cutting Length 270-530 mm 270-530 mm
Bag Bottom Width 80-180 mm 60-150 mm
Paper Thickness 60-160 gsm 60-130 gsm
Max. Paper Roll Diameter 1200 mm 1000 mm
Paper Roll Width 660-1280 mm 370-960 mm
Total Power 19 kw 18 kw
Machine Weight 8800 kg 7500 kg
Machine Dimension 9500x3500x1900 mm 9200x3200x1900 mm

Parts List
1 Name Origin QTY
2 Touch Screen Rexroth,Germany 1 pcs
3 Servo System Rexroth,Germany 1 set
4 PC Rexroth,Germany 1 set
5 Photocell SICK,Germany 1 pcs
6 Counting Sensor SICK,Germany 1 pcs
7 Frequency Converter ABB,Switzerland 1 pcs
8 Low Voltage Apparatus Schneider,France 1 set
9 Bearing Fala Cofer,Germany 1 set
10 EPC Selectra,Italy 1 set
11 Paper Bag Tube Forming Mould Self-made by Ruizhi 3 set