Reasons to advocate the use of paper bags

Why do most countries implement a "plastic restriction order" and switch to paper bags instead of plastic bags? This is because plastic bags not only cause environmental pollution also cannot be degraded over time.  In the face of the marine environmental crisis, the loss of soil fertility and the 'white pollution' caused by plastic bags, everyone is beginning to realize that it is the use of plastic bags that is causing the damage. For example, plastic bags buried in the soil will pollute the entire area of soil. After hundreds or even thousands of years, the plastic bags just begin to decay slowly. Even if the plastic bags are incinerated, the process not only produces an unpleasant gas but also a toxic one.Studies have proven that the gases emitted by plastic bags during the burning process are carcinogenic. So people began to use paper bags, which are more environmentally friendly packaging bags.

As we all know,paper is a recyclable resource The raw material for paper making is mainly plant fibers, that is, trees, which itself is a renewable resource. Paper bags with biodegradable and recyclable features. At the same time,  with the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, people also recognize the importance of paper bags, and over time paper bags have become the best alternative to plastic bags.

saying goes , "food is the first necessity of the people, the safety is the most important for the food ".In terms of food safety,the use of plastic bags to package food has certain safety risks. Under certain medium and high temperature conditions, the polymer monomers and some additives in the plastic will be dissolved and transferred to the food, thus causing people's health problems.

But replaced by paper bags is different,because the raw materials used in paper bags are plant fibers, which are non-toxic and harmless, will not cause harm to the human body, especially snacks in oil-proof food paper bags are very popular among consumers. In addition, paper bags are not as easy to break as plastic bags, paper bags are angular and exquisite, it is convenient for consumers to effectively protect items.

In short, the benefits of using paper bags are still very much. For the sake of our own health and more to protect our homeland, we should refuse to use plastic bags, and advocate the use of paper bags.


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The last ,it is able to leave a deep impression on customers. Currently, paper bags are diversified in terms of design, color and aesthetics. Exquisite and luxurious paper bags will leave a deep impression on customers. On the other hand, when printing paper bags, the company's logo, information and address can be printed on the paper bags ingeniously. This is convenient for customers to contact directly when they buy again, also helps to promote the brand and expand its popularity.


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