Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine With Flat Handle And Printer Inline

RZFD-330F/450F/450BF Fully Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine With Flat Handle And Printer Inline

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      • Fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine is designed for the production of paper bags with twisted handles. It is suitable for mass production of shopping bags in industries such as food and clothing. The one-line process consists of twisted handles making from paper rolls and twisted rope, delivery of handles to paste unit, pre-cutting of paper on position of rope, patch position gluing, handle pasting, and paper bag making. The paper bag making process consists of side gluing, tube forming, cutting, creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and bag delivery. This machine adopts German imported high-speed motion controller (CPU), which controls the operation of servo through high-speed bus to ensure stable movement and smooth motion curve. It is the automatic square bottom paper bag equipment with handles inline preferred by the majority of printing and packaging manufacturers.

      • √ Use France SCHNEIDER touch screen human-computer interface, making the machine easy to operate and control.
        √ Adopt Germany original LENZE PC control, integrated with optical fiber. Thus ensure stable and high speed running.
        Adopt Germany original LENZE servo motor and German original SICK photoelectric eye correction, tracking printing bag accurately.
        √ Raw material loading adopts hydraulic auto-lifting structure. Unwind unit adopts auto tension control.
        Raw material unwinding EPC adopts Italy SELECTRA, reducing material alignment time.


        Parameter Name RZFD-330F RZFD-450F RZFD-450BF
        Cutting Length
        270-530mm 270-530mm 380-760mm
        Cutting Length(Handle)
        270-430mm 270-430mm 380-660mm
        Bag Width
        120-330mm 210-450mm 210-450mm
        Bag Width(Handle)
        200-330mm 240-450mm 240-450mm
        Bottom Width
        60-180mm 90-180mm 100-220mm
        60-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡
        Paer (Handle)
        80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡
        Paer Roll Width
        380-1050mm 590-1290mm 620-1370mm
        Paer Roll Width(Handle)
        620-1050mm 690-1290mm 710-1370mm
        Paer Core
        Φ76mm Φ76mm Φ76mm
        Roll Paer Diameter
        Φ1200mm Φ1200mm Φ1200mm
        Flat Rope Making Machine Requirements
        Flat Rope Distance
        78mm 85mm 85mm
        Flat Rope Width
        12mm 12mm 12mm
        Flat Rope Height
        100mm 100mm 100mm
        Patch Width
        50mm 50mm 50mm
        Patch Length
        152mm 190mm 190mm
        Flat Rope Length
        352mm 352mm 352mm
        Patch Feeding Width
        100mm 100mm 100mm
        Material Thickness
        120g/㎡ 120g/㎡ 120g/㎡
        Handle Roll Diameter
        1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
        Paper Bag Width Flat Rope Speed
        30-110pcs/min 30-90pcs/min 30-90pcs/min
        Production Speed
        30-180pcs/min 30-150pcs/min 30-100pcs/min
        Machine Speed
        30-200pcs/min 30-180pcs/min 30-150pcs/min
        Cutting Type
        Sawtooth Cuting Sawtooth Cuting Sawtooth Cuting
        380V 3phase 4line 41.5kw 380V 3phase 4line 41.5kw 380V 3phase 4line 42.5kw
        Machine Weight
        16000kg 16000kg 16600kg
        Machine Size
        14000x6000x2400mm 14000x6000x2400mm 16100x6500x2400mm






    This machine was developed by Wenzhou Reiz for you


    We are a well-known Chinese paper bag machine manufacturer. We have independently developed and produced paper bag machines for 17 years.


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