China (East China) Printing Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held on October 26, 2019

Exhibition No.: Hall A-G8
Time: October 26-28, 2019
Address: Wenzhou·Longgang Strait Convention and Exhibition Center, China
    Started in 1998, the name "Longgang Printing and Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition";
    In October 2003, it was renamed as “Longgang International Printing and Packaging Equipment and Materials Exhibition”. At the same time, it also set up the “Printing and Gifts Exhibition” in Cangnan with the “China International Light Industry Products Expo” and held the “First China (Longgang)”. Print Culture Festival";
    In October 2005, it was renamed “The 10th Longgang International Printing Industry Expo”, and combined with the “Second China (Longgang) Printing Culture Festival”;
    September 2008, “Longgang International Printing Industry Expo”, “The 6th China (Longgang) Printing and Gift Culture Festival”, “The 10th China (Longgang) Printing and Gift Expo”;
    In 2009, moved to Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, “The 11th Longgang International Printing Industry Expo” and “2009 China (Longgang) Printing and Gift Expo”;
    October 2012, “The 14th Longgang International Printing Industry Expo” and “2012 China (East China) Printing Technology Exhibition”;
    In October 2015, he returned to Cangnan, rooted in the entity, and served the printing theme of the "17th China (Longgang) Printing and Cultural Industry Expo and 2015 China (East China) Printing Technology Exhibition".
In October 2016, the 18th Cross-Strait (Longgang) Printing and Cultural Industry Expo was held in Cangnan Longgang with the theme of “cross-border cooperation for a better future”.
In October 2017, the 19th Cross-Strait (Longgang) Printing and Cultural Industry Expo was held with the theme “Platform Sharing for a Better Future”.
    From the Longgang Printing Industry Exhibition in 1998 to the 2016 China (Longgang) Printing and Cultural Industry Expo, it has been held for 19 sessions. Previous exhibitions have attracted a large number of well-known domestic and foreign brands to exhibit, showing the most practical and advanced equipment, technology, services or products to users. At the same time, from Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other countries and foreign countries from more than 10 countries and more than 200 chambers of commerce, associations, guild exhibitors, buyers to participate in the exhibition, more than 5,000 The strength buyers came to the scene to interact, more than 30,000 people visited the procurement, received enthusiastic response and consistent praise in the industry, won the favor of exhibitors from all over the world and the media to report first.
    In 2016, the Taiwan Printing and Machine Materials Industry Association was jointly held for the first time. Taiwan and Longgang Printing Cultural Fair have many years of exchange history. Since 2012, the Printing Cultural Fair has set up a Taiwan-specific area. The Taiwan Printing and Machine Materials Industry Association has participated in the Longgang Printing Cultural Fair many times, Taiwanese copyright, Luotie, Wangchang and other printing groups participated in the exhibition in recent years and set up a 7,000-square-meter Taiwan exhibition area. In May 2016, Chen Guomiao, deputy head of Cangnan County, led a team to Taiwan and signed a cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Cangnan County and the Taiwan Printing and Machine Materials Industry Association. The two sides of the Taiwan Straits decided to cooperate in China since 2016. The Printing and Cultural Industry Expo, in order to increase the cooperation with Taiwan in the printing and cultural industry, and actively guide Taiwan's well-known cultural and creative, printing machinery brands and printing and packaging enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Actively promote cross-strait cultural and creative talent exchanges and cooperation, and actively promote the early sunset of the Wenchuang Park across the Taiwan Straits.
    The exhibition has been held for many years, and it has become a cultural industry brand exhibition in the cross-strait industry and in the minds of buyers, with large scale, many exhibitors, high grades, complete products, high quality and low price, convenient service, and the printing of choice. It will promote the new source, new power and new direction of the upgrading and development of the printing and creative industry in this region.

Team introduction

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Application market of paper bags

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