Past and present from plastic restriction to plastic ban

——The second report in the series of "Prohibition of plastics, we are in action, don't let this bag ruin the next generation" On November 29, 2020, we reported that "We are in action to ban plastics, don’t let this bag ruin the next generation", which caused a strong response from the society and achieved the effect of propagating the ban on plastics. The ban on plastics in Hainan is only the whole country. A pioneer in the ban on plastics, an experimental field. Therefore, we must continue to carry out a series of reports to continue to support the ban on plastics throughout the country, and continue to cheer for China's environmental protection cause and the health of the people! Shout!    For a long time, "white garbage" has caused incalculable damage to our country's ecological environment. The production of "white garbage" that is difficult to degrade can be said to be contrary to the original intention of building a green China. On January 8, 2008, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Restricting the Production and Sales of Plastic Shopping Bags". From June 1, the production and sales of ultra-thin plastic bags will be prohibited nationwide, and plastic bags will be paid for. Use the system.     As time goes by, the ban on plastics is imperative. A charming province is using actual actions to prove that plastic bans are not just talking. On the first day of December in 2020, Hainan Province officially implemented the "Provisions on the Prohibition of Plastics in Hainan." In fact, as early as April last year, the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Production and Sale of One-Time Non-degradable Plastic Products Pilot Work", clarifying that Hainan will be divided into steps and phases from April to November. Organize key industries and places to take the lead in carrying out the "plastic ban" pilot work, laying a solid foundation for the formal and comprehensive implementation of the "plastic ban" from December.    After the ban on plastics was implemented, we had the honor to interview Zhou Hongxun, secretary general of the Hainan Plastics Association. He undoubtedly has a deeper understanding and understanding of the promulgation of the ban on plastics.   1. Hainan began to limit plastics in 2008. Hainan Plastics Association has many restricted member units. As a bridge between the government and enterprises, your association is a bridge between the government and enterprises. Would you please recall the past and present history of plastic limited in the past?    Zhou Hongxun: Okay. Hainan Province has always had a firm "no" attitude towards "white garbage". Hainan Province is very beautiful, surrounded by the sea, with a coastline of 1823 kilometers and 68 large and small harbors. At the same time, the pollution caused by "white garbage" is also very serious. As early as 2008, according to the unified national regulations, the whole island of Hainan entered the stage of "plastic limit", stipulating that the thickness of plastic bags must exceed 0.03 mm from the production and sales of disposable plastic. The use of tableware is prohibited; the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags is implemented; the supervision and inspection of plastic shopping bags with restricted production and sales are strengthened; the recycling level of waste plastics is improved, etc.    2. What is the timeline from plastic restriction to plastic ban, and what specific measures have been taken during the transition period?    Zhou Hongxun: In fact, "plastic limit" mainly relies on charging consumers for plastic bags to regulate the market and restrict use. Now, the "ban on plastics" means to prohibit the production and use of non-degradable plastic products on the island from the source. Nothing can be said to be in place in one step. The ban on plastics does not mean that all plastic products will be "banned" immediately. It is easy and difficult. First, it prohibits the production, sale and use of disposable non-degradable plastic bags and plastics listed in the list. Tableware, etc., gradually transition.    3. What problems and difficulties have appeared in the process of plastic restriction, and what results have been achieved in the past ten years of plastic restriction?    Zhou Hongxun: In 2008, according to the unified national regulations, the whole island of Hainan entered the "plastic limit" stage. However, due to consumption habits and production costs, the use of traditional plastic bags is still huge. Plastic restriction has obvious effects on large supermarkets. The use of plastic bags in these places has been significantly reduced, but it has little effect on the farmers' market. However, after more than ten years of implementation of plastic restrictions, people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased significantly, and they have a clearer understanding of the dangers of white waste, and their

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