I have to say, it's really great to use kraft paper bags for storage!

1. Fruit and vegetable storage
There are a total of two scenes of using kraft paper to store fruits and vegetables, inside the refrigerator and outside the refrigerator, as explained below.
In the refrigerator

In the refrigerator, if kraft paper bags are used for storage, it is recommended to put them in the drawer of the refrigerator as shown above.
Its function is equivalent to a large drawer compartment storage box, which has the advantages of classification and vertical storage, and can maximize the use of the space in the drawer. Even if it is full, it can be seen at a glance, the drawer can ensure quick access, and the shape of the kraft paper will change with the storage items. It is super flexible and has more advantages than plastic storage boxes.
Outside the refrigerator

Outside the refrigerator, it can generally be used with a trolley or storage basket, allowing the kraft paper bag to stand upright to store commonly used ingredients or sundries.

In addition, the kraft paper bag is also breathable, which is very friendly to fruits and vegetables and is more conducive to keeping fresh (for storing fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to start with ordinary kraft paper instead of waterproof and oil-proof material).
Some people may say that I don’t have a cart, and I can’t put fruits and vegetables in the drawer of the refrigerator. What should I do if the kraft paper bag is too soft to stand up?
Tips: Put the two kraft papers together, it will not be soft, you can stand it up by yourself, without affecting the air permeability, you can put it wherever you need it.


2. Cosmetic storage
For cosmetic storage, kraft paper can be used for classification, whether it is placed in a drawer or a cabinet.

If you put it in a drawer, pay attention to the height of the drawer when you fold it. As shown in the figure above, the small drawer can be divided into four parts to store facial masks, cosmetics, skin care products, etc., which is more reasonable and orderly than putting them directly.

If you put it directly in the cabinet, it is recommended to simply fold it, so that the kraft paper bag is deeper, has a larger capacity, and contains more items. If you want to get it more convenient, you can put a small label to mark it.

3、 clothing storage
Kraft paper can also be used to store clothes and put them in a large drawer to store socks, underwear, etc., which is more cost-effective and has a larger capacity than socks storage boxes.

The stockings and leggings in the closet are not easy to store, so they are classified according to the thickness, and they are also very convenient to take.

4、sundries storage
The kitchen sundries are put directly in the drawer, they are always messy, and every time they are taken, they will be turned over. May wish to use the kraft paper storage box to divide the original drawer into separate small spaces according to the size of the storage items. The drawers are much more refreshing and clean.

For toy storage, choose a larger kraft paper storage bag. For children's relatively fragmentary toys, in order to let her see the first time, they can be folded multiple times to make a shallow storage box, which is convenient for children to take. Get it, or put it back.

Use kraft paper storage bags to store odds and ends under the TV cabinet, which can also reduce the sense of mess.

In the kitchen cabinet, some cleaning supplies, infrequent sundries, rags, etc. can also be stored in kraft pape r storage bags. However, if you store heavy items, hold the bottom when picking them up to prevent them from falling.

It’s really convenient to use kraft paper for snack storage. Put it in the storage basket and divide the original space into two. Store fruits, dried goods, milk, etc., clean and heal, you can go easily, and you can know the remaining amount at any time. To add in time.


5、flower storage
The big green plants at home, the flower pots are not beautiful, and the kraft paper storage bag is used to hide the ugliness. The color of the kraft paper and the green plants are also very good, giving the home a sense of the scene of a magazine.

Small flower pots can even use kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bags of different thicknesses and folds have different aesthetics. You can try it yourself to create different aesthetic experiences.

Some dried flowers are put in a small kraft paper bag, which has a decadent beauty and is also a good photo prop.

If you shop frequently, there are many kraft paper shopping bags at home. You don’t need to buy the kraft paper bags separately. You can cut off the part with the handles directly with scissors, and the rest can be used like ordinary kraft paper bags!

Tips: How to fold kraft paper bags quickly?
Regardless of the size of the kraft paper bag, when folding, you can first rub the upper part to give the paper space and flexibility, and then fold it layer by layer until it is the right size.

Team introduction

The last ,it is able to leave a deep impression on customers. Currently, paper bags are diversified in terms of design, color and aesthetics. Exquisite and luxurious paper bags will leave a deep impression on customers. On the other hand, when printing paper bags, the company's logo, information and address can be printed on the paper bags ingeniously. This is convenient for customers to contact directly when they buy again, also helps to promote the brand and expand its popularity.


Application market of paper bags

Paper bags are now widely used as they can be recycled and are not harmful to the environment even if they are discarded in the natural environment. At the same time, paper bags can play a very good role in publicity. Many companies will deliberately print their own brand names or logos when customizing paper bags , thereby increasing the brand awareness .It is because of these characteristics of the paper bag it can slowly occupy the market. Paper bag packaging applications are very wide, mainly focused on clothing, food, medicine and cosmetic fields..


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