Wenzhou Ruizhi Packaging Machinery Co., LTD. Fire drill in 2020

In order to actively respond to the company's activity of "Production safety Month" and implement the policy of strengthening the assessment of responsibility, our company organized a fire fighting combat drill of key fire control areas on September 1, 2020.

The purpose of the exercise

Through fire drill, inspection staff in the event of a fire accident when the strain capacity, minimize the economic consequences of the fire disaster accident, improve employee fire fighting, evacuation, self-help ability and managers to fire the organization, coordination and command ability, make the employees in the exercise of actual combat training and education, further raised strong fire safety consciousness, make the policy of prevention first, extinguish combined with prevention in the company get a better implementation.

 Main contents of the exercise
1. Feedback of emergency information
2. Use of fire fighting equipment
3. Emergency response exercise
4. Emergency handling drill

 Personnel responsibility arrangement
1. General event planner
2. Field commander
3. Video recording
4. Allocation and responsibilities of emergency treatment personnel

The preset plan of fire drill
1. Assume that the warehouse catches fire for unknown reasons.
2. The host signals in the fire monitoring and control room give feedback to the alarm, and the firefighters immediately confirm the alarm location and confirm the fire situation and the fire monitoring personnel immediately report to the company's safety chief commander
3. After hearing the alarm, the leaders of each safety emergency team shall perform their duties according to the drill plan and follow the arrangement of the commander in chief.
Immediately after the communication group was set up, the whole factory broadcasted the fire accident and required the personnel in the factory to evacuate immediately.
4. The department heads immediately organized the staff to evacuate, gathered at the gate of the factory and counted the number of people. After all the staff arrived, they were all on standby.
5. The alert and rescue team arrived at the scene at the first time to carry out the scene alert and personnel rescue and set up the warning line;
Check whether there are injured people, carry the injured people to a safe area for simple treatment and dial 120 for treatment.
6. The rescue team, led by the leader, rushed to the scene with protective equipment and emergency treatment tools, put out the fire under the direction of the chief commander, and then dealt with the accident site.
In case of any accident, report to the commander in chief at any time.
7. Upon arrival, the emergency monitoring team will record and take samples on the site to monitor the ambient air concentration on the site at any time.
Data such as whether the accident caused injury to personnel shall be reported to the chief commander.
8. After receiving the order from the leader of the rescue team, the technical support team will immediately take all personnel to the scene to deliver the emergency supplies and shut off the power and air source to ensure the smooth progress of the rescue work.
9. Learn fire extinguishers, fire belts and personnel first aid knowledge training at the gate of the factory after the indoor exercise.
10. The chief commander of emergency treatment shall summarize and comment on the emergency treatment to all staff.
11. Exit the drill when the drill is over.

Fire fighting equipment on-site fire fighting drill
1. Personnel inventory of each department
2. Explain how to use the fire extinguisher
3. Staff fire extinguisher use drill
4. Fire hose usage training for employees
5. Demonstration of first-aid cardiac resuscitation

The exercise is over
1. Employees shall return to their posts in order to carry out their work normally, and the exercise is over.
2. Each department shall restore the power supply, check whether there is any abnormal situation in the corresponding area, timely maintain and ensure the normal production of the workshop.

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