Pakistan's implementation of plastic ban order

Environmentally friendly paper bags have greater potential for application

Eco-friendly paper bags are packaging products made of virgin or recycled paper, which are harmless to the environment and human body in the process of production and use. Those paper bags can be reusable, biodegradable and completely decomposed in nature. Environmentally friendly paper bags with practical, diverse, health and environmental characteristics.That is new packaging solutions with development  potential in current stage by the community's attention.

Eco-friendly paper bags are considered an important alternative to plastic bags. From a global perspective, plastic bags as consumer goods in daily life, due to low production costs and easy to damage and discarded, so they are considered disposable products, which is also the main reason for the current stage of "white pollution". Plastic pollution has brought huge harm to the environment, soil, and even human health. Therefore, in this context, environmental protection requirements have been continuously improved in recent years,  countries around the world have adopted plastic restriction regulations or alternative programs.Plastic bags products into the development of winter, environmental protection paper bag industry highlights the good prospects for development.

Pakistan has great potential development of export countries for China's environmental protection paper bag products . From the perspective of market demand, as the sixth most populous country in the world, Pakistan has strong consumer demand, but domestic plastic pollution is serious, in order to alleviate the impact of plastic bag products on the environment and human health .In the "Green Initiative" 2019, the Pakistani government promulgated what it calls the strictest "plastic ban" in Pakistan.This policy requires the Pakistani capital of Islamabad and surrounding areas to completely ban the use of plastic bags products.For violations of the use, sale and production of such products will impose high fines on enterprises and individuals, which provides a good opportunity for the development of environmentally friendly paper bag industry.

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The last ,it is able to leave a deep impression on customers. Currently, paper bags are diversified in terms of design, color and aesthetics. Exquisite and luxurious paper bags will leave a deep impression on customers. On the other hand, when printing paper bags, the company's logo, information and address can be printed on the paper bags ingeniously. This is convenient for customers to contact directly when they buy again, also helps to promote the brand and expand its popularity.


Application market of paper bags

Paper bags are now widely used as they can be recycled and are not harmful to the environment even if they are discarded in the natural environment. At the same time, paper bags can play a very good role in publicity. Many companies will deliberately print their own brand names or logos when customizing paper bags , thereby increasing the brand awareness .It is because of these characteristics of the paper bag it can slowly occupy the market. Paper bag packaging applications are very wide, mainly focused on clothing, food, medicine and cosmetic fields..


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