Is the paper bag business profitable?


Paper bags are common packaging bags in daily life. Under the general trend of environmental protection, the application of paper bags is becoming more and more popular. Commonly there are food paper bags, shopping paper bags, clothing paper bags, etc.

Now the whole society and even the world are advocating the concept of "plastic restriction order" and environmental protection,many companies are also actively responding to the policy, giving up the use of plastic bags to use paper bags instead. As a result, the global demand for paper packaging is likely to see strong growth.Paper bag packaging is estimated to account for about 65% of the entire recycled packaging market , both the US and Canada have seen healthy growth in paper and cardboard recycling rates over the past few years. Canada's recycling rate is currently 80%, while the US rate is 70%. Meanwhile, the average recycling rate for recycled paper packaging in the European region is 75%. .

In recent years, as the global packaging industry has gradually shifted to developing countries and regions represented by China, China's paper product packaging industry has become increasingly prominent in the global paper packaging industry and has become an important global supplier of paper product packaging with an expanding export scale.

According to the statistics of China Packaging Federation,the total import and export of China's paper products packaging industry in 2018 was US dollars 5.628 billion, an increase of 15.45% year-on-year, of which the export amount was US dollars 5.477 billion, an increase of 15.89% year-on-year.In 2019, China's paper packaging industry import and export The total amount was 6.509 billion US dollars, of which the export value was 6.354 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 16.01%. In 2020, the total import and export volume of China's paper packaging industry was 6.76 billion US dollars, of which the export value was 6.613 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 4.08%. In 2021, the total export value of paper packaging in the national packaging industry will be US$8.669 billion, a year-on-year increase of 31.09% .

At the same time, with the rapid economic and social development, the downstream consumer industry is showing a development trend of diversified demand and accelerated product iteration. As a packaging supporting industry for the downstream consumer industry, the paper product packaging industry will further strengthen its stickiness with downstream core customers in the future.

It can be seen from the above data that in the past five years, the demand for paper bags in the international market has been increasing day by day. China's export trade in paper bags to maintain a steady year-on-year growth, which is conducive to paper bag manufacturers to expand the market, bringing opportunities for business growth.

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The last ,it is able to leave a deep impression on customers. Currently, paper bags are diversified in terms of design, color and aesthetics. Exquisite and luxurious paper bags will leave a deep impression on customers. On the other hand, when printing paper bags, the company's logo, information and address can be printed on the paper bags ingeniously. This is convenient for customers to contact directly when they buy again, also helps to promote the brand and expand its popularity.


Application market of paper bags

Paper bags are now widely used as they can be recycled and are not harmful to the environment even if they are discarded in the natural environment. At the same time, paper bags can play a very good role in publicity. Many companies will deliberately print their own brand names or logos when customizing paper bags , thereby increasing the brand awareness .It is because of these characteristics of the paper bag it can slowly occupy the market. Paper bag packaging applications are very wide, mainly focused on clothing, food, medicine and cosmetic fields..


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