You must not know the benefits of carrying paper bags

You must not know the benefits of carrying paper bags Handbags are already an indispensable media method in the market, and many companies want to become their own marketing methods. Handbags are simple bags made of paper, plastic, and non-woven industrial cardboard. It is usually used by manufacturers to display products and gifts when giving gifts. Many fashionable Westerners use handbags as bags, which can be matched with other clothing, so they are more and more popular with young people. Handbags are also called hand bags, handbags, etc. We can see its existence no matter where it is. It’s no surprise that such packaging bags are everywhere. We even think that the existence of handbags is really good, which can help us reduce the pressure on our hands, and more importantly, it can To solve the marketing problems of enterprises, the following will introduce the specific benefits of portable paper bags by Yonghui Printing and Packaging: Firmness We all know that the general traditional plastic shopping bag is easy to be damaged. To make it stronger, it will inevitably increase its production cost. The paper bag is a good solution to this problem. Because of its strong toughness, abrasion resistance, stronger durability, higher-end paper bags are not only durable, but also waterproof, good in hand, and beautiful in appearance. Although the price is more expensive than the traditional plastic bag, its function value is far more than that of the plastic bag.   Advertising It has an advertising function and a major feature of non-woven shopping bags. The hand-held paper bag has a more distinctive printing color, a clearer theme, and it is firm and durable. It is simply a "mobile advertising bag". The publicity effect of the coming is also much greater than that of traditional plastic bags, and the high-end hand-held paper bags demonstrate the company's grandeur. Environmental protection Portable paper bags are tough, wear-resistant and durable, and are environmentally friendly, and will not cause damage to the environment, greatly reducing the pressure of human waste conversion. Modern people’s awareness of environmental protection has become stronger, and the use of hand-held paper bags has only increased, making them a good choice for people to shop. Economy Consumers may still have this misunderstanding: The portable paper bag looks more high-end and fashionable, and the price is definitely more expensive than plastic bags, so they are a little reluctant to use it. In fact, paper bags are more economical and cheaper than plastic bags. Why? Because plastic bags can only be used once, the number of times of use is extremely limited, while paper bags can be used repeatedly, and the paper bags are easier to print patterns and express more vivid colors. In this way, portable paper bags are more economical, and their publicity and promotion effects are more obvious.

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